While solar panels provide a clean, renewable source of energy for your home, they also can be an inviting target for pests like birds and squirrels. These critters can damage or even destroy your solar panel system by chewing on the wires of the solar panels and causing short circuits. Fortunately, there is a solution—critter guards! Keep your solar panel system safe and functioning correctly with critter guards from Sunshine Plus Solar. Made of durable materials resistant to weathering, critter guards will keep pests from damaging your panels while keeping them integrated into your home’s appearance.

What are the first signs of solar panel damage from critters?

·      Clumps or piles of leaves by solar panels.

·      Sudden drop in solar array production.

·      Complete loss of solar array production.

What type of damage can critters cause?

·      Damage to solar panel wires.

·      Exposed wiring.

·      In most severe cases, an electrical fire is possible.

What is a critter guard?

·      Wire mesh material is installed as a barrier between the solar module frame and the roof. This prevents unwanted critters from getting underneath your solar panels.

·      These critter guards can be reused if your panel needs to be removed in the future.

When can you install critter guards?

·      A homeowner can easily add critter guards during the beginning process of your solar panel system design

·      If you have a solar electric system currently without a critter guard, most solar panel installers do this service work, such as us at Sunshine Plus Solar

If you have a solar panel system, protecting it from unwanted critters is essential. Critter guards are an easy and affordable way to protect your investment. Call Sunshine Plus Solar today to install critter guards for your solar panels. Order today to protect your investment!