Solar Panel Critter Guard


Protect Your Investment from Unwanted Critters!

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The space between the roof and your panels is a prime habitat for all sorts of animal life. Major property damage can result from these animals creating a home there. Fires from chewed up wires and roof leaks from burrowing animals are just a couple we have seen. Because of the frequency of this we have begun to install deterrents against this on new and existing installations.

If you already have or assume an animal is taking up shelter beneath your panels we can eradicate that problem with these simple steps. 1. Assess the problem: determine what type of animal you have (most common being raccoons, birds and squirrels.) 2. Eradicate any animal(s) found. 3. Determine the damage that has been done (chewed up wires, damaged shingles, and broken panels being the most common.) 4. Fix all damages done by the animal(s). 5. Install guards around entire system perimeter preventing any future intruders.

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