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Removal & Reinstallation of Solar Panels

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Solar Panel Removal Long Island

The last thing any customer wants is issues with their solar panels, a leaky roof, or old and inadequate materials. Typically, customers contact us for a roof that is either old and needs re-roofing or a leak in a specific location. Regardless of the reasoning here at Sunshine Plus, we have seen it all, and there is no service issue we cannot handle.

As a licensed solar provider, we always remove and reinstall your solar panels. Solar energy systems are intricate and delicate and involve several electrical connections with high voltage. This work is detailed and dangerous. The best choice is always to hire a professional.

Did your solar contractor go out of business?

Unfortunately, a large number of solar contractors have come and go here on Long Island. This means that homeowners are uncertain who to call about solar repair and maintenance. If you have found yourself in this unfortunate situation and require immediate help with your solar energy system, you can count on us! Contact us today for a free estimate.


Is it safe to remove solar panels from my roof?

Yes, at any time, you can remove solar panels from your roof. However, the proper process is needed to ensure no damage or safety accidents occur. This process starts by disconnecting the panels from the main electrical line to protect all materials and workers.

Does removing solar panels damage my roof?

The short answer is – No. Each solar panel weighs roughly around 40 lbs. and other material on the roof, such as the racking hardware, is around the same weight. Because of the weight and working environment, some things can go wrong when low-quality workmanship occurs. That’s why when looking for a solar removal professional, focus on a solar company that’s fully insured and licensed for the best results.

What’s the process of removing solar panels from my roof and then reinstalling them?

  • Removal of the solar panels, racking, and attachments to the roof.
  • Sealing up all penetrations to ensure no further leaks until a roof replacement is done.
  • All components to the solar energy system are stored safely on site.
  • Our install team comes back after the roof replacement and re-installs the solar electric system like a brand-new installation.
  • Once the installation is finished our team at Sunshine Plus Solar will recommission your system to ensure everything is running efficiently.

How much does it cost to remove solar panels?

Removing solar panels requires a skilled organization that has the tools and knowledge to get the job done safely and accurately. A solar panel removal typically costs around $180 per panel. This price will vary by the number of solar panels needed to be removed, roof pitch, and other replacement materials needed.

Can you reinstall the same parts from my solar energy system?

Yes, we try to reuse the same parts and pieces from the solar energy system on every reinstall. These parts are durable and, in most cases, can be removed and reinstalled without damaging any of the lifetime use. There are particular situations where a part or solar panel gets damaged, and at that time, we always will replace it with OEM materials.

How do I avoid the need for solar panel removal?

We highly recommend that any roofing issues be evaluated and taken care of before installing your solar panels. Sunshine Plus Solar is the perfect company for the job! Since 1982 we have evaluated thousands of solar energy installs on Long Island.

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