Our Business Profile

Company Highlights
  • Over 30 years in Renewable Energy Industry
  • Renewable energy consultant for Town Of Babylon L.I., NY
  • Employed by Lockheed Martin MD. Project Manager for LIPA’s RECAP Program, 2005
  • Installation of the 5,000th residential PV system for LIPA on Long Island, NY
  • Sole provider of commercial PV systems 1990 -2005
  • Project Manager for Lockheed Martin’s installation of Demand Side Management systems into Hess’s C-stores on L.I.
  • Founding member of NYSEIA 1992
  • Treasurer, New York Solar Energy Industries Association 1993 -2003
  • Member – USGBC, BBB, LIA, Smithtown Chamber of Commerce
Major Commercial Solar Installations
  • Installation of a 15.5 kW system for NY Institute of Technology /LIPA L.I., NY
  • Installation of US largest commercial PV system for FALA DM / LIPA, NY 1.01MW
  • Installation of a 20kW PV off grid system for Entergy Utility at YMCA New Orleans, LA Installation of a 20 kW building integrated PV for LIPA / NYS Parks/ Atlantis Energy Systems
  • New York Power Authority (NYPA) installation of six Omnion 2400 inverters on Rikers Island 36 kW PV System
  • Installation of a 5 kW system for Con-Ed @ V.A. Hospital, Bronx, NY
  • Installation of 3 – 6 kW for Powerlight / NYPA/ Astropower Valhalla, Yorktown Hghts, Millwood
  • Installation of 1.6 kW systems for PowerLight/NYPA/ Astropower Roosevelt, NY
  • New York Power Authority (NYPA) world’s first installation of a 5kW SunSine 300 AC grid tied module system at NYPA’s headquarters White Plains NY. Manufactured by Ascension Technology.
  • NYPA installation of 18 kW grid tied Powerlight PV array in Tuckahoe, NY.
  • EPRI/LILCO sponsored installation of 3 kW PV stand-alone system.
  • NYSERDA installation of 18 kW Solarex grid tied P.V. system at S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale.
  • NYPA/NREL sponsored installation of 16 kW United Solar P.V. system on NYC Transit Authority bldg.
  • NYPA/NYSERDA/ Solarex installation of 44 kW grid tied P.V. system at Westchester Research Laboratory, Valhalla N.Y.
  • Installation a 10kW BIPV system first in US – Mfg by IRFTS France.
  • Installation of a 17kW BIPV system mfg. by Atlantis Energy Systems – Rye, NY
  • Installation of First BIPV tall slate system by Atlantis Energy using conventional roofing techniques.
  • Installation of 125 + PV systems for the Home Depot / BP program.
  • Completed Installation of 547 kW PV system for a 15 unit office space in Danbury CT.
  • Installation of a 100kW PV system for IDA in Derby CT
  • Installation of a 8kW PV system for Audubon Society Rhode Island
  • Installation of 8kW residential solar electric system – Virginia – Sunslates by Atlantis Energy
  • Installation of a 1.01 MW solar electric system for FALA DM, L.I., NY – Powerlight system
  • Largest privately owned Commercial flat roof PV system in the Nation.
  • Installation of a 100kW PV system for the EPA, Raleigh, NC –Powerlight system
  • Installation of a 25 kW solar electric system for TPI Corp. Warwick, R.I.
  • Installed and wired 990 panels /35kW for VA Hi -Tech/Powerlight in Cape Charles, VA
  • Installation of wiring and layout of 3.5 kW BIPV (sunslate) system. – First net metered solar electric system in NY @Greenport, NY
Solar Thermal Projects
  • Installation of a 38 Trough solar concentrator system for Steinway and Sons Piano in Queens NY for a double effect absorption chiller.
  • Installation of a 64 SDHW collector system, Greenwich Village, NYC
  • Renovation of 280 solar hot water collectors for South Bridge Towers, a 346 unit cooperative apartment building located in downtown Manhattan.
  • Operation & maintenance of over 1,300 commercial and residential domestic and pool solar hot water heating systems throughout the New York area.
  • Installation of a sdhw system for NYS /Duke Power, NC – one of five systems
  • Installation of First BIPV system by Atlantis energy to transfer module back plate heat to an absorber for water heating.
Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Remove & Reinstallation of 608kW of REC solar electric panels in Salem, NJ for Mannington Mills
  • Renovation of 280 solar hot water collectors for South Bridge Towers, a 346 unit cooperative apartment building located in downtown Manhattan.
  • Repairs and Maintenance to NYPA’s 100 kW and 300 kW solar electric systems for NYCTA.
  • SWTDI / Sunshine Plus Installation of Data Acquisition Equipment for NYSERDA’s PV/Hybrid remote power systems for residential applications.
  • Operation & maintenance of 93 kW grid connected P.V. system at S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale.
  • Principle investigator for New York State’s (NYSERDA) Solar Thermal Evaluation program sponsored by the Florida Solar Energy Center.
  • BP’s service and Repair Company for Long Island , New Jersey and NY State projects.
  • Installation of pipe/wire of a 15 kW solar electric system at Prince George, Marlboro MD
  • Contract with NYPA to service all NYPA PV systems in NY State.
  • Renovation of a 36 kW solar electric system for NYPA @ Rikers Island, NY
  • Diagnose and repair to 11 kW BIPV system Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
  • Developed way to remote monitor and control smart grid HVAC T-Stats in commercial facilities LA, CA. for Lockheed Martin
  • Assembled 2,200 P.V. Thin Film modules for Powerlight, CA in Cape Charles, VA
  • General Electric – HVAC Heat pump design, install, repair – 1976-1980
Starting in 2014, here at Sunshine Plus was fortunate enough to commission numerous projects for the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers. These projects brought us from right here in our backyard to Honolulu, Hawaii. Take a peek below to view the whole list, and if you have a commercial project that needs a professional’s opinion call us today!
  • Alexandria, LA
  • Amarillo, TX
  • Big Springs, TX
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Grand Junction, CO
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Houston, TX
  • Jackson, MS
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Kerrville, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Montrose, NY
  • Northport, NY
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Albans, NY
  • Temple, TX
  • Tomah, WI
  • Topeka, KS
  • Wichita, KS

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