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Frequently Asked Questions


Here at Sunshine Plus, we do our best to answer all of the questions interested homeowners and businesses have about solar. Below, are some of the most common questions we have received over our thirty years of business and then the answers to them!

  • How long will an installation take?

Our typical solar electric residential install, on average, will be completed in one to two days. Generally, depending on the size of the system, our technicians need one full day to install the panels and another half day to do work within your home. Our installation queue is typically six to eight weeks out, so contact us as soon as you’re interested if you have a sense of urgency about your solar project.

  • Who actually installs the array?

We do! Since 1982 Sunshine Plus has been a small business here on Long Island that takes pride in installing all of the work ourselves. This means that as the consumer you will have a consistent experience with one company, all aligned to make your solar experience pleasant every step of the way.

  • Do I still receive an electric bill if I have solar panels?

Yes, unless if your system is off-grid and includes a battery backup storage you will still, receive a bill from your utility. That being said, you can again dramatically reduce your bill or even cut back the amount you owe to $0, with a system that matches your energy usage.

  • Will solar pay for itself?

Of course! A bought outright solar P.V. system pays for itself on average between five to seven years

  • Why should I install a solar energy system on my home or business?

A Grid-tie solar P.V. system offers a way to fix your electricity needs for more than 25 years. The maintenance-free panels come with a 25-year production warranty. A grid-tied PV system can protect you from increased electricity prices for decades to come.

  • Will the solar array put holes in my roof?

We mount solar panels on a purpose-built aluminum rail system that is fastened about every four feet by penetrations into roof rafters. To also prevent leaks, we also eliminate the possibility of leaks by using a patented roof flashing system. For commercial applications on a standing seam metal roof, these attachments are made directly to the standing seams, with no roof penetrations.

  • How many panels do I need?

That exact number varies from home to home (or business to business) based on the size of the building, energy usage, sun exposure, and other factors. At Sunshine Plus, our technicians take the time to create custom specifications to make sure each of our clients fulfills their needs. Contact us today for an exact estimate of panels for your solar project.

  • What could I do if my roof is not large enough for a solar array?

At Sunshine Plus, our technicians are experienced in all different types of mounting systems. We can also provide ground-mounted systems that are supported by a concrete base.

  • Is there a way that I can track my solar array’s production?

Absolutely! With today’s technology almost, all inverters are built with monitoring systems that you can track via your smartphone or computer. At the startup phase, one of our technicians will do a step by step walkthrough on how you will follow the production of your system.

  • Will the solar system still work efficiently on cloudy days or in the rain/snow?

Our solar professionals design your system to meet its yearly electrical usage, not seasonal. That being said, our technicians take into consideration of weather and obstructions such as trees. Having designed and installed over a thousand solar arrays across the tri-state area over the past 30+ years, our team is well versed in maximizing your home or business energy production.

  • What happens to my solar array when the power goes out?

When the grid power goes down, so does the grid-tied solar electric system. Why this happens is to prevent any accidental back-feeding of electricity from the solar to the grid, which then can harm line-workers. Recently, a new technology of battery backup systems is available which provide clean backup power in case of an emergency.

  • How much will the maintenance of my solar system cost?

The panels itself, are made of durable tempered glass which require little to no maintenance for the 25+ years that they will generate power. In regard to dust and pollen coverage, rain in most cases is more than sufficient to clean the solar panels regularly. Although, we do recommend installing an animal critter guard around your system if your system is easily accessible to animals.

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