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Residential Solar Hot Water Installation



Solar Hot Water Systems for Residential Homes

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Solar Thermal or Solar Hot Water as its most commonly called has been installed across the nation since the early 1970’s. And is still going just as strong today. While you are not fully switching over to a solar hot water system but merely adding it to your home’s repertoire of heating systems. The solar will become the primary source of heat to your water but you will always have your original heating methods as a back-up.

We are continuously installing and servicing these systems throughout Long Island and have been doing so for 30 plus years for these few reasons and many more.

1. Higher Capacity of Hot Water Storage – By adding solar hot water, you will have more hot water thanks in part to a large solar storage tank normally between 80 – 120 gallons.

2. Save on High Fuel Prices – The sun is FREE, oil, electric and gas are not. One-third of your fuel bill goes to heating your water. Now you can save more of that hard-earned money.

3. System Lifetime – Most of our systems that were installed close to 30 years ago are still functioning today. With new technologies, you should expect the same if not an even longer result.

4. Serviceability – A solar hot water system is extremely easy to maintain. Almost a set it & forget it mindset. Usually only requiring a antifreeze change every 5 years.

You Have Options:

Primarily systems will have 2-4 solar collectors, mounted in a southernly direction on your roof with an 80-gallon water storage tank. These systems are customizable depending on your energy demands. More solar panels, larger or smaller storage tanks, these are all things that can be fit to your specific needs.

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