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Residential Pool Solar

Will Your Pool Leave You Cold?

On Long Island, we only have a short period to enjoy our backyard pool with our family and friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to extend your pool season, or even open up your pool earlier than your neighbors? A solar pool heating system is the answer. This heating system not only allows you to swim in a comfortably heated pool for long stretches; it is a much more cost-efficient heating system as opposed to a traditional electric or gas heater. Solar pool heating systems in Long Island have become the number one way to heat your pool by using efficiency and an economically wiser system.

Features & Benefits of a Solar Pool Heating Installation

From extending your swimming season to the overall low maintenance, a solar pool heating system is an excellent investment. One of the most significant benefits of a solar pool heating system is, of course, the sun! It is a free energy resource, which means once you make the switch, you are no longer dependent on gas and electric companies. Our solar pool heating systems are so efficient that most of our customers open their pools at the beginning of May and close up at the end of September, which means more memories in the backyard with family and friends. A solar pool heating system has one moving part and so requires little to no maintenance on the homeowner, allowing his or her to enjoy their pool even further! Other features include:

• Raise pool temperature by 10-15 degrees
• Fully automatic
• No fossil fuel & electric heaters
• 10-year full warranty
• System lifespan on average 20+ years
• Made in the USA

Call Long Island solar pool heating system company, Sunshine Plus Solar for a free estimate. Based in Suffolk County allow us to install and service your system. 

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