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Municipalities & Non-Profit

Municipalities & Non-profit Solar Installations

At Sunshine Plus, we strive to educate every organization, whether big or small, to realize their full energy potential. Numerous organizations are experiencing smaller operation budgets and ever-increasing energy costs. A solar electric system is an excellent solution for municipalities and non-profits that are struggling to keep up with their energy demands. Our sales team will help guide you through all the planning, designing, and financing of your project.

To learn more about how we can assist you on your next project, please call 631-422-3500 or email info@sunshineplussolar.com

Solar P.V. & Thermal Installation Huntington, NY
United Way Non-Profit

Sunshine Plus was fortunate enough to assist the non-profit United Way Long Island in providing energy needs for a home that was built to house veterans. For the installation, we were able to install an 11kW solar electric/thermal heating system for hot water. The United Way project was extra special of a project to complete knowing that the electricity and hot water that our systems provided was for the men and woman that served our great country. In fact, in 2017, this home won a US Department of Energy award for housing innovation.

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