Does your pool leave you cold?

Extend your skinny-dipping season with the cleaner, more efficient and economically-wiser heating system; Solar pool heating has become the number one way to heat your pool so jump on in, the water’s fine!

Wonder How It Works?

Solar heating is completely automatic in a solar pool heating system. When your pool requires heat, the system begins. When your ideal temperature is reached, the system turns off.

Pool Solar

Step 1

Once you set your desired temperature, the automatic control panel determines when solar heating is needed

Step 2

Instructions are then sent from the control panel to your filter system. Cold pool water is then pumped from your pool into the solar system.

Step 3

Filtered pool water is snaked through a system of rubber coils on your roof. As the sun beats down on the black solar panel surface the water inside is heated.

Step 4

The warmer water is returned back to your pool. As the water continually races through your solar system it continually increases in temperature.


Why Install Solar Pool Heating?

  • Extend Your Swimming Season – After installing a pool solar system, your summer can be extended by a month on both ends. Most commonly customers open their pools in the beginning of May and close up at the end of September. This means a longer time enjoying your pool investment.
  • No Fossil Fuel & Electric Heaters – The sun is FREE and with pool solar you are no longer dependent on the oil, gas and electric companies to heat your pool. Saving you money throughout the summer.
  • Low Maintenance – With virtually no maintenance involved, you will barely know its there. Except of course when your enjoying your nice warm pool. The system is turned on when your pool is started up at the beginning of the season and is blown out when the rest of your pool is at the end of the season. Just set your desired temperature and forget it!

You Have Options:

Primarily most systems will be anywhere from 2-10 solar collectors, mounted in a southernly direction on your roof with the feed and return piped down to your filter set-up. These systems are all customizable depending on your pool heating wants and needs.

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