Solar is taking Long Island, let alone America by storm. Homeowners, business owners and government bodies alike are all turning to solar electric to fill their energy needs. Cheaper and cleaner than the fast disappearing fossil fuels, its a no-brainer. Why should you consider a solar electric system? For these few reasons and many more…

  • A Great Investment For Your Home – Just like a kitchen renovation, a solar electric system will raise your home value due to the giant upside of a lower electric bill for future buyers.
  • Saving The Enviorment One System At A Time – With every solar system installed our dependence on both foreign and domestic fossil fuels is diminishing, therefore decreasing your own carbon footprint and helping the world become a cleaner and greener place.
  • Drastically Lower Electric Bill – The most beneficial reason of all, keeping your hard earned money in your pocket. With most systems paying themselves off within 5 years, sometimes even sooner. Your just that closer to a drastically decreased electric bill. Keeping your money out of the utilities pockets and in yours.

Options You have:

You have many options to consider for your new solar electric system, all to fit your exact wants and needs. From panels to inverters to the type of mounting system you’d like to have. Most of that info can be found on our solar electric info page as well as also giving one of our knowledgeable members of our staff a call.

Steps to Ownership:

Your ready to go solar! Now what happens next? Our team will work with you throughout the entire process from start to finish. The following is what you can expect from us.

  1. Satellite Imagery Check & Energy Analysis – After receiving your request for a quote we will check to see if your home or property is a viable option for a solar power system. If so, your electric bill will be looked over to decide your energy needs.
  2. System Design & Proposal – A member of our team will design and draw up what your system will look like as well as what it will produce for you. Along with your estimated energy savings and return on investment. This will all be included in the proposal given to you.
  3. State/Federal Application & Permitting – All paperwork will be taken care of for you, as well as all permiting for your respective town or village. All we need from you is a few signatures.
  4. Material Procurement – After all necessary approvals and paperwork is complete. Your specific solar panels, racking, inverters and all other needed materials will be ordered. These materials will be brought in by us or delivered directly to your home.
  5. Solar System Installation – You will be contacted, and a scheduled date will be set to install your solar system. Full system install can take as little as one day depending on the complexity of the project.
  6. System Completion & Commision – Once your solar project is complete. We will walk through the system with you explaining the few details you will need to know to operate and maintain it. You will also receive an electrical inspection certificate as well as any needed inspections done by your municipality.

System Cost Example:

10.4kw Residential Solar System – Pricing as of July 2015

Gross System Cost $33,702
State & Utility Incentive - $6,525
Federal Tax Credit - $9,653.25
Net System Cost $17,524.25
Utility Savings over Initial Term $49,500 ($165/mo avg.)
Return on Your Investment 4 – 5 years
Average Monthly Bill Savings $165.83
Increase in Property Value $57,035
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