In the always watchful eyes of the community, when they see a business go green with a solar electric system their vision of that business changes. They see a company who cares about the environment and one thats ensuring a cleaner future for generations to come. That impact begins a ripple effect, a potential customer is now more apt to do business with them, than the competition who doesn’t put forth that green effort.

Why a solar electric system for your Commercial Property?

Benefits abound when it comes to going solar for your business. It’s time for that vast unused space, that is your roof to start working for you! Here are just a few of the many reasons to fill that roof with solar panels!

  • Cleaner Image – As we said above, the public’s view on you changes when they see your green initiative. And you will be able to showcase this in your marketing material.
  • Net Metering – Reverse your meter, off-set your electric usage and sell back to the utility.
  • Depreciation – Bring the overall system cost down over 5 years by using your system as a business tax write off.
  • System Lifetime – With the average system life being 25 plus years, thats years of discounted energy costs that you wouldn’t have without a solar electric system. Also in that time your roof will last longer due to the panels protecting it from the harsh elements.

System Cost Example:

65.7 kw Commercial System

Gross System Cost $281,336
State & Local Incentive - $75,000
Federal Tax Credit (30%) - $63,401
Net System Cost $142,935
Current Utility Bill $3,675
New Utility Bill $2,732
Monthly Savings $943
Savings Over 25 years $214,579

Snapshot of A Few Commercial Jobs Completed:

Fala DM Farmingdale, NY 1.1 MW
Dryades YMCA New Orleans, LA 20 kw
US Enviormental Protection Agency Raleigh, NC 100 kw
Mannington Mills Flooring Salem, NJ 608 kw
Rikers Island Correctional Facility New York, NY 36 kw
Farmingdale State University Farmingdale, NY 93 kw
Westchester Research Lab Westchester, NY 44 kw
Theodore Roosvelt Nature Center Jones Beach, NY 20 kw
14 Suite Office Bldg Danbury, CT 547 kw
IDA International Derby, CT 100 kw
NYC Transit Authority Bldg New York, NY 16 kw
Mt.Olive Baptist Church Hackensack, NJ 75 kw

New York Times ArticleIn 2003, Sunshine Plus Solar installed the largest privately owned commercial solar electric system in the country at the time. This system was installed for Fala DM in Farmingdale, NY atop their mail processing center.The Photovoltaic system produces 1.1 megawatts of power from 8,160 panels. You can read more about this installation in the New York Times Article that featured Sunshine Plus by clicking the logo located above.
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